Prompts for Week 7: Module 12 Metacognition and Module 14 Critical thinking

There are two prompts for this week.


As you read module 12, think about your study habits. Do you read before or after lectures? Do you outline the reading in note format? Highlight or underline information? Do you study several days before the exam or just one day before the exam? Do you study the easier or more difficult concepts first? Do you self-test yourself while studying? Relate your study habits to the research presented in Module 12.

As you observe in your assigned classroom, identify the teacher’s attempts to teach metacognitive AND critical thinking skills. Be sure to connect the ideas you see to the reading and specifically refer to your readings.

Prompt for Week 4: Social Cognitive theory

INSIGHT: As you read this module and observe in your assigned classroom (or if you have not started, draw on your prior experience), think about behaviors that the teacher attempts to model for students. What effective model characteristics are present? Do the students model this behavior? What evidence supports your conclusion?

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