Friday, August 31, 2012

Model Redesign: Week 1. Olivia Shouse

This model represents my theory of how we learn.  I believe that we as humans learn best when someone tells us the information and then we can implement what they have taught us through activities. The activities solidify what was being taught because it allows the students to use their new knowledge, and it also allows the teacher to see how well the students took in the information. Learning works best when multiple senses are engaged, so the activities help in that way.

This is my original model, and after reading Mod 6: The Brain and Development, I have decided to keep my model the same. One of the ideas mentioned in the chapter was that building patterns and connections help with memory. It creates connections between different areas of the brain, because the student is using multiple parts of their brain and senses. It allows synapses to be formed between the neurons, which plays an important role in memorizing information.

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  1. I really liked that you found the connection between the Module readings and your own model. That's really important. I also agree with you that students definitely using different parts of their brain and that they learn on different levels. When you say the teacher lectures, is that the best way all students learn? You might have had many things in mind, but lecturing is just the general, overall way to say the teacher teaches, but it got me to thinking if that's what you meant.


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