Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Toni Self: Redesign for blog

I would keep my idea of people learn because many different factors affect how people learn including: genes, experiences and the critical and sensitive development periods.  In module 6, the constructivist theory is explained.  It supports my learning theory because it says “that each individual builds knowledge through interaction and experience” (EdPhysch, Module 6, Page 108).  Not one person has the exact same interactions and experiences of another; therefore the knowledge is built on different foundations.  Students will build different connections through different ways of teaching.  Each student will actively learn through different opportunities and by presenting different opportunities gives them better chances of making connections to the lesson.  The only part that I would change would be the activity at the end would be completed with the help of other students.  Activities completed with other students can help the student make better sense of the information or even trigger something to really understand the activity (Theory of Educators, Page 4).  Page 4 talks about how more recent findings have suggested group work to help students actively learn.  So looking at my example after the teacher wrote and discussed the process of baking cookies, then students would be given time to get into groups and together bake the cookies.  This gives students the opportunity to make it themselves, so they would have the experience which would help reinforce the concept.  Also, if students had questions their groups would be able to either answer it for them or work together to figure out the answer together.  This is a very active way of learning with others. 

Big Idea: Humans learn through repeated visual, kinesthetic and auditory lessons.

Activity: The teacher presents the lesson on the chalk board (visual and auditory) then students do hands on project.  For example, teacher writes out how to make a batch of cookies and leads the students through each step.  Then students are time to work with other students to make cookies.

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  1. Toni,

    Apologies for not responding to your earlier post - you updated pretty quick! In terms learning vis a vis the senses, this quite intuitive. Given that we experience the world through our senses, it makes sense that we learn from our interactions with it. Multi-modality is certainly an important facet of learning, the more you can present knowledge in different forms or domains, the greater likelihood that one will generate an understanding. As a teacher, how would you know which aspect of the activity are better for some students? How will you assess it? Just some things to think about.


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