Monday, August 27, 2012

Toni Self: Big Idea Reflection

Big Idea: Humans learn through repeated visual, kinesthetic and auditory lessons.


Activity: The teacher presents the lesson on the chalk board (visual and auditory) then students do hands on project.  For example, teacher writes out how to make a batch of cookies and leads the students through each step.  Then students are given independence to do it themselves.


My big idea is that humans learn through visual, kinesthetic and auditory lessons.  Basically I think that students cannot fully grasp and contain information when they just listen to a boring lecture and take notes.  Not only is this a lazy way of teaching but it also lacks any creativity.  A boring lecture will not only loose the attention of the students but will take away from lesson.  I truly think if the teacher is not excited about the lesson, neither will the students.  There are very few people who can listen to a lecture and then remember most of what was discussed.  By involving the three different types of teaching, it reinforces and reviews the information.  I think students need to be engaged in these three types of teaching to really comprehend and contain a lesson.    In my experience, when I have been taught in these three ways I have an easier time remembering and reviewing the information.  My example for this was very basic, but it does explain my big idea.  A student writes out on the chalk board how to make the cookies (visual), then she leads the students through each step and answers questions (auditory), and lastly she gives the student the opportunity to make a batch of cookies themselves (kinesthetic).  This gives the students a chance to put in to practice what they have learned.  This lesson would relate to my big idea by covering each area that I believe students need to fully understand a lesson. 

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