Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Updated Model

My first model demonstrated that children learn best by the three following activities: reading, watching and listening.  Although these three activities contribute greatly to learning, there is so much more that can help students learn better. Certain visual exercises and activities such as repetition and memorization can trigger and activate areas in the brain. Watching videos and activities on various electronics can increase their visual perception and help to activate key areas in the brain. Keeping students focused can also build up their attention span and will allow them to keep their focus for longer amounts of time. Students at first have a hard time focusing but with discipline and interest to keep them focused, their attention span can increase greatly.  Something else that helps students learn better is by being social.  Interacting with other students as well as the teacher helps students become more comfortable and relaxed, creating an ease that will help them learn better.

My original activity was an online learning game. I still agree with my first model, although I want to be a little more clear on what it really would be.  My online learning activity would be a game that would allow students to work together on the computer.  The activity would require students to stay on task and would deliver different directions on what to do.  The activity would include visual questions as well as problems that would require memorization.  Students would repeat these activities often, which would allow them to learn those certain lessons more effectively.

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  1. I really like your model that you have created. I definitely agree with you that students can learn in a variety of ways. That is something that I have seen in my experiences with working with kids. One thing that I have been learning is that we as teachers need to focus on the need of the students and teach in a way that is interesting to them. This will help them stay focused, which is one of your ways that students learn better. Last year in my computers in education class we learned a lot about how this next generation is known as digital natives. This means that they are an extremely tech savvy generation. Your idea for students to participate in an online collaboration project is such a great idea! It meets them where they are at, and it will get them more excited about learning. This will help each student learn in their own comfort zones and will promote overall growth.


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